Frequently Asked Questions
Updated May 18, 2002

Do you know the title of the song in this commercial?
No. If we did, it would already be on the list. "What's the song in this commercial" questions will go unanswered, if only because we haven't seen the commercial. 

If I don't remember the creator of the commercial, can I look it up by another criteria?
Not today, but we realize that the master list is getting pretty long these days. We're working on it.

If the music is not commercially available, can I get it from you?
No. However, where available, we have included links to the studio that produced the music.

How can I research the song titles on my own?
You should try contacting the companies directly for the information -- Customer Relations / PR areas can be surprisingly responsive, and more companies seem to be referencing this information on their websites -- and drop us a line afterwards to share the information with everyone. Thanks and good luck!

How do I look up song lyrics?
You can try the "How to Find Song Lyrics Online" section of

How did you find all this information?
It's an independent effort. Lots of our own research, as well as many submissions from our contributors.

Can I use this information for non-commercial purposes?
No permission is necessary to link to this webpage or use the information for non-commercial purposes, including academic research, journalistic reporting, and weblogs. However, please credit the source. At least one false entry has been included for watermarking purposes. 

Can I use this information for commercial purposes?
Requests to use the content and information of this website for any commercial purposes should be directed here.

I am a journalist. How can I contact you?
Sure. You can reach us here.

How did you you get into this?
Like many of you, we were discovering a lot of new music this way. (The first was Delibe's "Lakme" for British Airways.)

Jon Parker, Chief Editor
Rich Chen, Founder